Friday, 14 September 2012

Using Putty + Xming for X forwarding

A few years back, when I remotely installed Oracle in Solaris the first time, I thought exporting X display was the only option I have. I was told to use Xmanager for X forwarding, but Xmanager is not free. After searching around, I found Xming on sourceforge, so I wanted to give Xming a try.

Here is how I export X display to my local PC.
1. Software needed: Putty, Xming
Just search it, you can easily download them, you need to install Xming after downloading.

2. Start Xming
After starting Xming, you will see a small icon at the right bottom corner of your windows screen. Mouse over the icon, it will show "Xming Server:0.0"

3. Launch Putty to connect to remote server, after filling in the "Host Name" and "Port", click "Connection" -> "SSH" -> "X11", tick the checkbox before "Enable X11 forwarding", then click "Open" button.

4. You are connected to remote server with X11 forwarding, start any X application to test the settings are ok.

You can see that we run xterm from putty, will launch a xterm window on the local PC.


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