Thursday, 25 September 2014

Configure ILOM for Remote Server Management - SUN servers

ILOM stands for Integrated Lights Out Manager, all T-series servers come with ILOM.
Using ILOM we can remotely manage the server including power off and power on, just like we are in front of the server.

But to access ILOM remotely, we need to configure it first. Items needed for remote access include:
  1. IP address
  2. Netmask
  3. Gateway
Additionally we can also give a friendly name for ILOM.

Let's assume our out-of-band access is in, the gateway for this network is
We are going to setup ILOM for a new server websvr01, with remote access IP

Before ILOM is configured, we have to access it in the data center. Connect your laptop to the Serial Console. Login with default userid/password: root/changeme.
Once you are inside, you can setup ILOM.

To setup a friendly name:
cd /SP
set hostname=websvr01-ilom
To setup network:
cd /SP/network
set pendingipaddress=
set pendingipnetmask=
set pendingipgateway=
set pendingipdiscovery=static
set commitpending=true
Instead of setting IP, netmask, gateway separately, we can also configure them in one command:
set pendingipaddress= pendingipnetmask= pendingipgateway=

After that connecting Net Management port to proper port on switch, you will be able login remotely.

To access remotely:

After keying in user id and password, you will see the same interface as logging in through serial console.